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The Compound Effect

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Whats up guys!

Chris here again, I hope you guys are having a great day.

So in my first post, which you can check out here.  I talked about how my college roommate got me into reading personal development books.

I talked about how everything changed for me after reading my first book ( which I am going to talk about below)

My roommate told me his dad, who back home in Texas owned and ran Embroidery McAllen Tx shop was the one who initially got him into reading these books.

He told me that when he was in High School and old enough to really understand how the world works, asked his dad a simple question.

He asked him “Dad, are we rich?

Chris here…

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What’s up my new friends! I wanted to take some time today to write out this post on a little about me.

My name is Chris, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the great city of Miami.

Heat fans stand up!

I just finished up college at the University of Miami.

College was quite the experience, I had a lot of fun, met a lot of great friends.

I do feel like I learned a lot.

One of the major take aways for me was I really go into reading.

I guess it was mainly because of my roommate John.

He was always reading. And I mean always. Not only just for school either.

I noticed that he was always reading these “self help” books.

One day I asked him “John, why the hell are you always reading those “ra ra” books?

He replied “Man, this is literally the secret to success”

Even though I fully didn’t understand what he meant, I remember thinking, “you know what, I’ll start reading one.

“Whats the worst that can happen right?”

Man, am I glad I read that first book.

I know, for some people, anytime they hear about personal development books,they immediately think it’s just a bunch of ra-ra stuff.

Well as I mentioned above, I thought the same thing in the beginning.

Anyway, I want to use this blog to tell you about my personal experience going through this personal development mindset shift.

If it can do half of what it helped me with for you, then you my friend will walk out of here (not literally) a better person. you get the idea.

Before I leave for the day, i’ll end with this..

I know that some of you might be turned off by the personal development realm. Do me a favor..

Just open your mind for a bit, and think what if.

If there is even a slight part of you that is wanting to be and want more in life, then keep reading.

If there is one thing I can promise you is this..

There is so much more out there for you my friend. My goal is to help you get there. Whatever that might be, Lets get you there.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about the first book that transformed my life forever, hope you are ready!